A downloadable game

This interactive experience was created to raise awareness and start a conversation about the issues facing women in the games industry. In this game you can converse with people, and the conversation options are based on real-world experiences from or about women in the games industry. Our aim is to shed light on some of the negative things that are said or done to women in the industry.

By allowing you to play through these real-based conversations, we hope to raise awareness in the industry of what is a real problem facing many people. Hopefully by talking about it we can take away some of the anxiety and guilt surrounding this topic, and start an open and honest communication about how we can fix this.

Install instructions

Unzip the TeamHero_Artefact zip. Open the folder and run the Hero_interactiveExp.exe. You may be required to download Unreal Engine (UE4) prerequisites if your computer does not already have them installed.


LetsTalk 77 MB